Today, everyone is attached to at least one form of social media. 

From Twitter fingers to Instagram Models, we all love our social media. Unfortunately, this doesn’t change the fact that most social media users need extra cash. Luckily, social media can be a good source of income.

Social media for business is pretty common these days but do you know you can search for and get a job using your social media account(s)?

Let’s run through our options, shall we?


This was always going to be the first option on this list. It is literally tagged on social media for professionals. You can find job openings, apply for jobs and even generate a Resume from your LinkedIn profile. 


Ok, I know it sounds cliché but you have to give Facebook its props. In recent years, Facebook has been becoming the most multiple-dimensional social media platform and now has job openings and applications like LinkedIn. 

Visual Digital Media 

Welcome to the less conventional social media job hunt platform. Post about your achievements every once in a while, your friends are the best reference you’ll ever get. 

No one knows what you can do unless you tell them, over.. and over again. 

For example, if you get the employee of the month award at work, post about it and write out why you did. 

And if you are having a normal day at the office, post about it and use the opportunity to remind everyone what you do. Always have a positive outlook on social media. 

It might surprise you to know; companies search your social media pages when you apply for a job. 


The most multi-layered social media platform without contest. You will find more job openings on Twitter than any other platform, by following the right pages. 

Follow companies you want to work with and companies similar to the ones you want to work with, follow job hashtags, and most importantly clean up your social media opinions. 

People have lost big jobs because of posts from 5 years ago. 

Remember the Internet never forgets. 

Cold dms!

Have you heard of cold calls, well in the digital age we have cold DMS. 

Direct message companies and send them your resume and links to your portfolio.

And when you believe you have sent your details to enough accounts, send some more. 

This is where the need for cleaning up your page comes in handy because when these companies take you seriously, they check your page. Hopefully, they will like what they see. 

Good luck!!!

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