Since the beginning of time, learning has always been essential to our existence. We are taught what to eat, how to feed our body, and give information to feed our mind. Learning is a vital aspect of life.

‘Knowledge is the greatest power known to man’—I have no doubt you have heard this statement more than twice in your lifetime. The veracity of this statement can even be seen in Warcraft. No one goes to war without arming himself with the necessary information especially information about his enemies. An army may have the best weapons known to man, but if they have no knowledge of how the weapon should be used, they are at the mercy of whatever comes their way. The strategy used in wartime has everything to do with information and knowledge that comes through learning. If you don’t have knowledge of how to maximize the talents of your warriors, it wouldn’t matter if you have 20,000 men—you would be defeated.

With the internet overflowing with new information on a daily basis, there is no better time than now to be addicted to learning especially if you want to be valuable to your society.

There is a wealth of knowledge out there for you to keep your mind continuously fed. On top of that, it’s is usually always free of charge. I mean who knows, you may just be the Albert Einstein of our time.

It is important that you strive to be someone always longing for knowledge. With knowledge, you can expand your understanding of the world thereby providing us with better opportunities and improved quality of life.

Learning is not just limited to students or researchers. It is for everyone. Learning a new trade can serve as a way to change your career path and take on something you find more challenging.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be addicted to learning.

  1. Be more confident: When you feed your mind regularly with new knowledge, there would be hardly any topic that you wouldn’t have an idea about. You do not need to know everything explicitly, but it is good to at least have a general idea. Committing yourself to regular learning promotes a good level of self-esteem. People who are educated generally feel more confident than those who aren’t. The level of confidence you gain from learning can help to increase your level of productivity and keep you positive at all times.
  1. Remain relevant: Constantly learning will ensure that you remain relevant. You may have a postgraduate degree in your field right now but it wouldn’t mean much if you are not acquainted with the new trends and discoveries in your field. Don’t be left out, the world is rapidly changing as a result of technology. You would only be relevant if you change with the world too. Don’t get comfortable with only what you were taught in the university, explore. There are more than enough materials available for you on the internet. Uncover new ways to do things in your field. This will set you apart and ensure you remain more relevant than others in your field.
  1. Improve your health: Learning improves your mental and physical health to a very large degree. It enhances a sense of personal control that encourages and enables a healthy lifestyle. A quote from Albert Einstein says, “Once you stop learning, you start dying”. Developing the habit of always seeking knowledge reduces the risk of developing dementia and other degenerative memory conditions. In the course of seeking knowledge, you may also learn more about exercise and eating habits that would ensure the safety of your health. Avoiding illness has everything to do with having information about what to do in order to remain healthy. For example, we have read that a bite from mosquitoes causes malaria and that mosquitoes are often found in dirty environments and around places with stagnant water. We also learnt that mosquitoes can be killed by insecticides which can be purchased from a store. What did we do with that information? We ensure that our environment is free from stagnant water and also buy insecticides. Right? You see, it’s that easy to maintain good health by just feeding your mind with the right information.
  1. New career opportunities: People with more skills are more likely to get a job than those with just one skill. Education may land you an interview but it may not land you a job or promotion. Having a skill set as simple as being able to speak multiple languages may just be what you need to get that consultancy job you seek. When you improve your skill set, you may gain knowledge that would improve your quality of life and lead to higher earnings in your place of employment.
  1. Self-development: Know your strengths, sharpen them and showcase them. Know your weaknesses, understand them and learn to overcome them. Learning enables one to develop himself. Be the best version of yourself. Be self-aware. When you understand who you are, it becomes easier to help people understand you better.

Learning should not be limited. You can even go as far as to learn new languages. No knowledge is a waste. Learning new languages can help you explore different cultures in a more in-depth fashion. There are many ways to widen your knowledge; sharpen your computer skills, learn how to play an instrument, visit museums, watch educational videos—there are lots of interesting new stuff just waiting for you on the internet. So what are you waiting for?

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