A lot can be Accomplished in a Year; How Long is Too Long to Stay in A Job?

The above statement isn’t a trigger to make you crawl down a rabbit hole, deliberating on what you did or didn’t do as this year rolled by. I mean, who can blame you? The world hasn’t been the same since the virus hit almost two years ago. 

As a young person in 2021 looking to build a job portfolio or a career professional looking to expand and step up the corporate ladder, finding and keeping a job has become a new animal entirely. Not only have the rules governing the workspace changed, but many young people have had to work remotely, which isn’t all it’s banged up to be. 

So that begs the question; in our present reality, where it is now so much easier to switch careers and occupations, how long is too long at a single job? 

To answer this question, We’ll need to consider that people are different and unique. What may seem like a good reason to stay at a job for one person may be a great reason to quit for another person. 

However, here are a couple of signs to know if you have stayed long enough at your current job.

  1. You need more income: With the current rise in prices of goods and services (thanks to the pandemic), getting multiple income streams may become a must. If your job hasn’t been paying enough and still isn’t, you should probably consider looking for another job(s) that will.
  2. You are struggling at work: I know, when you first got hired, it looked like the perfect gig. But now, you realize that your job doesn’t play to your strengths any longer and you are struggling due to one reason or another. Maybe you should look for a better job where your strengths can shine.
  3. Workplace or Colleagues have become toxic: This is a no-brainer, especially now, when mental health is such a huge deal. Do not tolerate toxic work environments, and if you are in one, now would be an excellent time to jump ship.
  4. No challenges or opportunities to grow: Growth is an essential facet of life and career. If you realize that your job no longer gives you that opportunity or space to grow or gain new skills, you should probably take it up with your boss or start looking for a more challenging work environment.
  5. Significant life changes: Take the pandemic, for instance, or something even more personal like the birth of a child. Specific life changes can and should affect your work life and make you realize that it may be time to move on from that job.

An old-time philosopher once said, “the end of a thing is usually the beginning of another ”. So perhaps the time has come for you to end things with your current job provider and start looking for better prospects. Perhaps, where you currently work ticks all the right boxes, and you need to stay a few more years.

Whatever you decide, as this most eventful year comes to an end, I hope you realize that whatever happens in the forthcoming year, you have a significant role to play.


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