The Real Difference Between Content Writing and Copywriting

We are in the age of social media, and as a result, content creation has become one of the most popular and integral skills in 2022. Every industry needs content creators right now,
which has even become full-time jobs for some people.

Content Creation is a broad umbrella that covers skills ranging from video creation and content writing to even copywriting. It is a common misconception that copywriting and content writing are the same. This is false.

Though both exist under the content creation umbrella, both involve some writing and are essential aspects of digital marketing; Content writing is very different from copywriting in many ways. However, there is one significant way that both types of writing differ.

Content Writing

Content writing is purely creating educational or entertaining text for readers to enjoy. These texts are usually high-quality and valuable content. Examples of content Writing include; blog posts, E-books, articles, and even social media posts.


Copywriting, on the other hand, is all about selling. It involves creating persuasive text to make readers take some required action relative to your sales process. If you entertain or educate them along the way, it’s all good and acceptable, but that isn’t the primary purpose of copywriting. Examples of copywriting include PPC ads, Social Media Ads, Landing pages, sales emails, website sales copy, etc.

Before creating content, you must ask yourself what you intend to achieve with your text. This will guide you in deciding what type of text you will be churning out and what is necessary for your brand or business. Content writing or Copywriting?

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