TANDEM Media Awards 2023

The TANDEM Media Awards 2023 is a media content creation competition based on the concept of collaboration between a pair. The competition is open to journalists, journalism students, and artists in the following countries and territories: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, and Tunisia.

To participate in the competition, participants must form a pair with someone from a different country or territory than their own. The pair must then choose one of the following four categories to compete in:

  • Written journalism: This category includes articles, blog posts, and other forms of written journalism.
  • Audiovisual journalism: This category includes radio and television documentaries, podcasts, and other forms of audiovisual journalism.
  • Photography: This category includes photo essays and other forms of photography.
  • Comics and cartoons: This category includes comics, cartoons, and other forms of graphic storytelling.

The pair must then submit their work to the competition by October 15, 2023. The winners will be announced at a prize-giving ceremony in December 2023.

The TANDEM Media Awards is a great opportunity for journalists, journalism students, and artists to collaborate on creative and impactful media projects. The competition also provides a platform for participants to share their stories and perspectives with a wider audience.

Here are some examples of topics that TANDEM Media Awards participants have covered in the past:

  • The impact of climate change on communities in the Southern Mediterranean region.
  • The role of culture and creativity in promoting social cohesion and development.
  • The challenges and opportunities facing young people in the Southern Mediterranean region.
  • The stories of ordinary people who are making a difference in their communities.

If you are a journalist, journalism student, or artist in one of the eligible countries or territories, I encourage you to apply for the TANDEM Media Awards 2023. It is a great opportunity to collaborate with others, share your stories, and make a difference.

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