Graphic Design

Case Study: OneBrand Supports ElectHER’s International Women’s Day Campaign


OneBrand partnered with ElectHER to amplify their International Women’s Day (IWD) campaign, empowering women through impactful visual storytelling. This multifaceted project encompassed:

  • Social Media Content Creation: Developing engaging visuals for a five-day advocacy event and a series of “Opinion Tuesday” posts.
  • Compelling Video Editing: Transforming ElectHER’s raw video footage into a captivating and message-driven video for the campaign.
  • Canva Design Template Development: Creating a versatile and editable Canva template for future ElectHER events.

Social Media Content Creation:

  • International Women’s Day Advocacy: OneBrand designed a series of social media posts (posts/carousels) for the advocacy event. The visuals were data-driven, leveraging the provided data sets for creative interpretation and impactful storytelling.
  • Opinion Tuesdays: Eye-catching social media creatives were designed for “Opinion Tuesday,” each featuring a thought-provoking question to spark conversation and engagement among the audience. ElectHER provided the compelling copy for these posts, and OneBrand translated it into visually engaging graphics.

Compelling Video Editing:

OneBrand received ElectHER’s video file and a comprehensive brief outlining their vision and desired outcome. Our skilled video editors meticulously transformed the raw footage into a polished and engaging video that aligned with the campaign’s message.

Canva Design Template Development:

Understanding the need for efficiency in future campaigns, OneBrand created a user-friendly and versatile design template on Canva. This template features key components for:

  • Event Announcement Creatives: Eye-catching visuals to grab attention and announce upcoming ElectHER events.
  • Individual Speaker Features: Customizable elements to highlight individual speakers and their contributions.
  • Group Speaker Representation: A flexible layout to showcase a group of speakers participating in the event.
  • Quote Highlights: A designated area to effectively display powerful quotes that resonate with the campaign’s theme.

This editable Canva template link will be provided to ElectHER, allowing them to effortlessly customize and create future event visuals with ease.


OneBrand’s visual storytelling approach empowered ElectHER’s IWD campaign:

  • Engaging Social Media Presence: Visually compelling social media content sparked conversations, raised awareness, and increased audience engagement.
  • Impactful Video Campaign: The edited video effectively communicated ElectHER’s message, inspiring and motivating viewers.
  • Streamlined Design Process: The user-friendly Canva template empowers ElectHER to efficiently create future event visuals, saving time and resources.


This collaboration between OneBrand and ElectHER demonstrates the power of visual storytelling in advocating for women’s empowerment.

Through a combination of captivating social media content, a compelling video edit, and a versatile design template, OneBrand helped ElectHER amplify their message and create a lasting impact during International Women’s Day and beyond.

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