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Elevating Redtag Nigeria’s Online Brand Presence

Executive Summary

OneBrand Company was tasked with enhancing Redtag Nigeria’s digital presence and brand awareness, specifically in Lagos, Nigeria. The focus was on leveraging Instagram and Facebook platforms from October 2022 to September 2023. This case study explores the strategies, execution, and outcomes of this digital marketing initiative.


  • To significantly increase Redtag Nigeria’s digital presence and brand awareness in the Lagos region.
  • To create engaging and high-quality content tailored to the brand’s target audience.
  • To boost follower engagement and interaction on Instagram and Facebook.


  • Content Strategy: Developed a content calendar focusing on engaging, brand-aligned posts designed to resonate with the Lagos market.
  • Visual Branding: Emphasized quality designs in social media posts to enhance visual appeal and brand recognition.
  • Community Engagement: Implemented strategies to increase interactions with followers, including responses to comments and user-generated content initiatives.


  • OneBrand Company managed Redtag Nigeria’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, deploying a mix of promotional, informational, and engaging content.
  • The campaign included regular posting, audience engagement activities, and monitoring of social media analytics to gauge performance and adjust strategies as needed.


  • Increased Brand Awareness: The campaign resulted in heightened brand visibility and recognition within the target demographic in Lagos.
  • Enhanced Digital Presence: Follower count and engagement rates on both Instagram and Facebook showed notable improvement.
  • Positive Client Review: Sarou, the Regional Lead of Redtag Nigeria, commended OneBrand for their efficiency, speed, and quality of designs.

The digital marketing campaign by OneBrand Company successfully expanded Redtag Nigeria’s online presence and brand awareness in Lagos. The strategic focus on content quality and audience engagement played a key role in achieving the campaign objectives, as evidenced by the client’s positive review and the measurable growth in digital metrics.


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