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Creative Partnership with Nomad Internet

Executive Summary

From May 2021 to December 2022, OneBrand Company served as the dedicated graphic design partner for Nomad Internet, a company committed to providing high-speed internet access to rural communities. This case study explores the extensive body of work created, the impact of the visual content on the brand, and the ongoing relationship beyond the retainer period.


  • To create a wide array of graphic design materials that reflect the ethos and mission of Nomad Internet.
  • To enhance Nomad Internet’s brand visibility and support its expansion during a critical growth phase.
  • To maintain a flexible, ongoing creative support arrangement post-retainer period.

Strategies Employed

  • Comprehensive Design Services: Developed over 300+ creative assets, including newsletters, animated content, video edits, banners, flyers, and magazines, all to a high standard.
  • Brand Cohesion: Ensured all design materials were consistent with Nomad Internet’s brand identity and mission.
  • Agile Support: Transitioned to a non-permanent support role post-December 2022 to continue delivering select creative materials.


  • OneBrand Company engaged in a full-time retainer with Nomad Internet, producing a diverse range of digital and print media materials to support the brand’s mission and services.
  • After the retainer ended, OneBrand Company adapted to a flexible collaboration model to continue providing limited creative services.

Outcomes Achieved

  • Brand Enhancement: The graphic design work significantly contributed to Nomad Internet’s brand recognition and supported its rapid expansion during the pandemic.
  • Visual Storytelling: The created assets successfully communicated Nomad Internet’s commitment to serving the underserved in rural America.
  • Ongoing Relationship: OneBrand Company remains a valued creative partner, providing targeted design work.

Audience Insights

  • Community Feedback: Gather and present feedback from Nomad Internet’s community to demonstrate how the design work resonated with the target audience.
  • Engagement Metrics: Include data on how the designed materials contributed to increased customer engagement and brand awareness.

Recommendations for Future Work

  • Continued Brand Support: As Nomad Internet continues to innovate and evolve, OneBrand Company can provide design services that align with new initiatives.
  • Design Refreshes: Periodically update existing creative assets to keep the visual branding fresh and relevant.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Develop targeted design materials for specific marketing campaigns, especially those aimed at expanding into new markets or launching new services.


OneBrand Company’s commitment to delivering high-quality graphic design services played a pivotal role in enhancing Nomad Internet’s brand during a period of significant growth. The ongoing partnership demonstrates the value of adaptable and responsive creative support tailored to the evolving needs of a dynamic company.

Nomad Internet believes access to the internet is a human right and that rural communities should have access to the same high-speed internet available in urban areas.


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