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Revitalizing ConnecTen Internet’s Digital Front Door

Executive Summary

ConnecTen Internet, a provider of high-speed internet services, engaged with OneBrand Company to overhaul its website, with an emphasis on mobile responsiveness, brand alignment, and an improved customer journey. This case study explores the transformative redesign process and its impact on the user experience.


  • To create a mobile-friendly website that enhances usability for ConnecTen’s customers.
  • To align the website’s design more closely with ConnecTen Internet’s brand ethos.
  • To improve the overall balance and flow of the website, facilitating a smoother customer journey.


  • Mobile Optimization: Ensuring the website offers a superior user experience on mobile devices, where a significant portion of traffic originates.
  • Brand Consistency: Reflecting ConnecTen’s brand identity more effectively in the website’s visual design and messaging.
  • Navigation and Flow: Streamlining the navigation to allow customers to find information and complete tasks with greater ease.

Solutions Provided

  • Responsive Design: Adopted a mobile-first approach to guarantee optimal performance on smartphones and tablets.
  • Brand-Centric Visuals: Crafted a visual language that communicates ConnecTen’s values and appeals to the target audience of freelancers, travelers, and rural residents.
  • User Experience (UX) Enhancements: Reworked the site architecture to improve the flow and balance of information, making for a more intuitive user journey.


  • OneBrand Company conducted a comprehensive audit of the existing website to identify areas for improvement.
  • The redesign was undertaken with a strategic focus on UX, employing contemporary design principles to create a sleek, user-friendly interface.
  • Beta testing with real users was conducted to gather feedback and refine the browsing experience prior to launch.


  • Enhanced Mobile Usability: Post-launch analytics showed a significant improvement in mobile engagement metrics.
  • Stronger Brand Representation: The new design resonated with users, reinforcing ConnecTen’s commitment to quality and accessibility.
  • Improved User Journey: Users reported a more seamless experience, from landing on the site to finding information and accessing services.

The website redesign by OneBrand Company successfully repositioned ConnecTen Internet’s online presence, resulting in a site that not only meets modern design standards but also aligns with the company’s mission to provide reliable internet access nationwide.


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