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La Tartine Patisserie – Crafting a Culinary Community

Executive Summary

La Tartine Patisserie, a bakery bringing a slice of France to Lagos, Nigeria, embarked on a mission to enhance its online presence, particularly on Instagram, to grow its community and increase sales. This case study examines the strategies implemented over a year and the subsequent growth achieved in the bakery’s social media footprint and sales.


  • To increase La Tartine Patisserie’s visibility and community engagement on Instagram.
  • To boost sales through enhanced social media presence and customer engagement.

Strategies Employed

  • Content Enhancement: Upgraded the visual content quality to better showcase the bakery’s offerings.
  • Engagement-Focused Content: Provided useful content like tips and tricks for enjoying and ordering bakery items.
  • Community Growth: Aimed to build a strong community presence on Instagram, focusing on customer interests and engagement.


From November 2022 to November 2023, La Tartine Patisserie rolled out a content strategy that emphasized high-quality imagery and helpful information, aiming to increase the followers’ engagement and convert this into increased sales.

Outcomes Achieved

  • Community Growth: Instagram followers grew by 1,549, reaching a total of 3,485 followers.
  • Increased Visibility: Facebook page likes increased by 773, resulting in a total of 3,010 likes.
  • Sales Growth: The enhanced social media presence and engagement-focused content contributed to an increase in sales.

  • Social Media Aesthetics: The improved look and feel of the posts contributed to a more cohesive and appealing brand image.
  • Engagement Trends: The provided images and statistics show a significant rise in reach and engagement, particularly on Instagram.

Audience Insights

  • Demographic Analysis: Majority female audience on Instagram, with the most significant age group being 18-24, indicating a younger, engaged demographic.
  • Geographic Reach: Predominantly Lagos-based audience, with notable followings in other Nigerian cities and international locations.

La Tartine Patisserie’s strategic focus on content quality and community engagement over the past year has successfully increased its online presence, leading to tangible growth in its customer base


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