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Social Media Marketing for STEM METS Resources Limited


Background: STEM METS Resources Limited, an educational organization in Nigeria, focuses on equipping students with STEM skills for future job opportunities. They needed to enhance their digital presence to reach more students and stakeholders.


Objective: To increase STEM METS’s social media engagement and online visibility, thereby supporting their mission of providing quality STEM education.

OneBrand’s Strategy

  • Targeted Digital Marketing: Focusing on Facebook and Instagram to reach a broader and more engaged audience.
  • Content Development: Crafting educational and engaging content to highlight STEM METS’s programs and impact.
  • SEO Optimization: Improving discoverability through search engine optimization techniques.


  • January to November 2023: Intensive campaign focusing on content creation, regular postings, and audience engagement strategies.

Impact and Growth

  • Facebook:
    • Followers increased from 281 to 1,440.
    • Page likes rose from 233 to 1,352.
    • Top cities: Lagos and Abuja show the highest audience concentration.
    • Audience: Predominantly male (71.5%) aged 25-44.
  • Instagram:
    • Followers up from 2,097 to 3,969.
    • Top cities: Lagos holding the majority with 58.3%.
    • Audience: Predominantly female (70.8%) aged 18-24.
  • Engagement:
    • Facebook reach soared to 392,444.
    • Instagram reach hit 317,517.
    • Content volume: 155 Facebook posts, 223 Instagram posts, 247 Instagram stories.

Client Testimonial

  • Jadesola Adedeji, Co-Founder of STEM METS: “OneBrand Company has transformed our digital marketing channels, significantly boosting our social media engagement and sales.”


  • Engagement Metrics: Increased likes, followers, and reach demonstrate enhanced engagement and brand visibility.
  • Content Impact: High volume of quality content correlated with the growth in audience and engagement.\


The collaboration between STEM METS Resources Limited and OneBrand Company demonstrates a successful case of leveraging social media marketing to increase brand visibility and engagement. The case study showcases how strategic content creation, coupled with data-driven insights, can result in substantial growth in audience and engagement, paving the way for increased educational impact in the Nigerian sector.

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